About The Free Life

What Is The Free Life?

Six years ago God transformed my life and took me from living in defeat and despair to being a joy-filled overcomer.  Since then, my passion

has been to help others experience the same. In the past few years I have been sharing those stories with hundreds, and even thousands of people. Whether He's had me share these testimonies ono-on-one with a stranger or to a nationwide audience while being a guest on television shows, I have seen hope and freedom spring forth in the lives of others who are yearning for freedom from their past and pains. 

I call this new life of mine, The Free Life.


The Free Life Channel

After sharing my testimonies of transformation and healing with so many people over the last few years  it's only fitting that the next step God would have me take is to start a YouTube channel. 

Here, I not only share testimonies but give practical tips on how you can overcome the same things I have, like anxiety, negative thinking, and depression.


Get To Know Me

Let's be friends! Send a message and say "hi." Message me your prayer requests or let me know about the good stuff happening with you! 

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